A Mathematical Model for the RBC Based on Heterogeneous Kinetics

Probabilistic Analysis of Impact Loading Conditions
Probabilistic methods are developed for the analysis of random impact loading conditions that arise from oblique, noncollinear, and spinning missile impacts. Models are developed for the...

Toward Interactive Color-Shaded Rendering in CAD
A software package (CATSIG) is described which allows the user to interactively color shade geometric objects created on a sophisticated commercial CAD system (CATIA). The novel features...

Influence of Transverse Shear and Rotatory Inertia on Nonlinear Vibration of Hybrid Composite Plates

Seismic Analysis of Buildings by Component Mode Structures

A Plane Stress Finite Element with In-Plane Flexural Models

Rotating Open Channel Flow Past Topography

Laminar Boundary Layer Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Rotating Blade

Dynamics of Building Frames by Distribution Factor Method

Damage Assessment of Existing Cantilever Beams

Directional Shear Experiments and Stress Induced Anisotropy in Soil

Dynamic Stability of Structures Subjected to Shear Waves

Word Processing: Office Personnel's Friend or Foe?
The introduction of word processing centers into the workplace brought about the restructuring of office duties and new demands on workers. Word processing received blame for a variety...

Kinetics of the Rotating Biological Contactor

Rotating Biological Contactor for Secondary Treatment

Underwater Parks — A Management Challenge

Global Sea Level: Estimating and Explaining Apparent Changes

Three-Dimensional Non-Linear Analysis

Shear Modulus Bounds for Transverse Isotropy

Hybrid-Stress Models for Plate Analysis





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