Toward Interactive Color-Shaded Rendering in CAD
A software package (CATSIG) is described which allows the user to interactively color shade geometric objects created on a sophisticated commercial CAD system (CATIA). The novel features...

Influence of Transverse Shear and Rotatory Inertia on Nonlinear Vibration of Hybrid Composite Plates

Seismic Analysis of Buildings by Component Mode Structures

Directional Shear Experiments and Stress Induced Anisotropy in Soil

Rotating Open Channel Flow Past Topography

Laminar Boundary Layer Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Rotating Blade

Kinetics of the Rotating Biological Contactor

Rotating Biological Contactor for Secondary Treatment

Global Sea Level: Estimating and Explaining Apparent Changes

Hybrid-Stress Models for Plate Analysis

Inelastic Stability of Directionally and Rotationally Restrained Imperfect Steel Columns

A Survey of Methods to Measure Vorticity in Turbulent Flows

A Reynolds Stress Measurement Technique for Complex Flows

Response of Structure Permitting Lift-Off to Rotational Input Motion from Horizontally Propagating Waves

Largest Rotating Biological Contactor Plant Also First to Remove Nitrogen
Orlando, Florida is now constructing a new advanced waste treatment plant that removes both nitrogen and phosphorus to a high level. The plant is notable because it is the largest rotating...

Prebuckling Rotations and Buckling Analysis

Static Response of Reduced Rotation Rope

Effects of P-Δ Moments and Rotatory Inertias on the Behavior of Building Structures

Three-Dimensional Soil-Structure Interaction of Nuclear Structures during Earthquake Considering Ground Rotational Input

Vane Shear Strengths at Two High Rotation Rates





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