Turning with the Wind
A 125-m high tower built at the site of the Glasgow Science Center in the United Kingdom required some innovative design methods. To reduce the aerodynamic effects imposed on the slender...

Modeling the Seismic Behavior of Planar Moment Frames Using Fishbone Models

Double-Angle Connections with Slotted Holes in the Supported-Beam-Web-Legs

Daewoo Business Center, Shanghai, China

Enhanced Site Characterization in Residual Soils Using the SPT–T and Drive Cone Tests

Rotational Water Supply System

High Rotational Capacity Moment Connections

A Micro-Deformation Model for Dilatancy of Granular Materials

Higher-order Theory of Elasticity for Granular Solid

Micromechanical Parameters of Particle Assemblies: Experiments and Numerical Simulations

A New Design Method for Continuous Composite Beams Allowing for Rotation Capacity

Rotation Capacity of Partial Strength Composite Connections

Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

K-ϵ Model Computations of the Flow in Rotating Annular Flumes

Effect of Crop Rotations on Ground Water Quality

Numerical Analysis of Unsteady Flow on Rotating Buckets for Optimal Operation of Pelton Turbines

Design and Construction Balances for Bascule Bridges

Modeling Rotation of Principal Load Axes in Brittle Solids with Damage

Laboratory Experiments on Density Current Over a Sloping Bottom in Rotating Fluid

Rotation of Large Gravity Walls on Rigid Foundations under Seismic Loading





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