Micro-Computer Program: Roof Purlin Design
A micro-computer program is explained in step-by-step manner as a shortcut for biaxial bending design with results in as little as 60 seconds. Biaxial bending requires the consideration...

Structural Plastics for the 80s
Engineers in non-civil fields have been using more and more light-weight, high-strength structural plastics and plastic composites every year, but civil engineers have barely begun to...

X-Brace Truss Stiffness Matrix Analysis of Roofs

Snow Loads on Long Span Roofs

State-of-the-Art of Space Frame Roof Structures

Lenticular Air Inflated Bubble Roof Structures

Wind-Structure Interaction of Flexible Roofs

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Cable Roof Networks

Roof Truss Collapse: A Case History and Analysis

Long Span Roof Structures
The papers included in these proceedings treat a wide range of technical topics related to long span roof structures including new structural concepts, structural stability, the effects...

Lessons Learned from Recent Long Span Roof Failures

Hartford Coliseum Roof Collapse: Structural Collapse Sequence and Lessons Learned
As with all structural failures, the collapse of the Hartford Civic Center Coliseum roof has raised many questions about design and analysis procedures. The profession should learn from...

The Fabric Roof
Only six years after the opening of the first fabric-roofed building, fabric structures are being used all over the world in applications undreamed of only a decade ago. The article recounts...

Five Millions Square Foot Tent Roof
Saudi Arabia will soon be the site of the world's biggest roof. Consisting of a seris of modules, each overing 10.5 acres, the roof is made of tentlike fabric squares supported...

Roof Design: Avoid Ponding by Sloping to Drain
Roofing contractors recommend that roofs possess enough slope to permit complete drainage within 48 hours of rainfall. Otherwise ponds will form which can cause leakage and even contribute...

Thermographic Applications for Plant and Building Engineers

Winter Roof Collapses: Bad Luck or Bad Design—
An overview of the collapses in 1978 and 1979 in Chicago and in the Northeast shows that, in most instances, the design codes are adequate. Designers, however, have not paid sufficient...

Jacked Pipe Provides Roof for Underground Construction in Busy Urban Area
Construction of a major underground station for the metro in Antwerp, Belgium was done in a busy downtown area employing a method that virtually eliminated ground subsidence. The method...

Hartford Roof Failure — Can We Blame the Computer?

Free Lateral Vibrations of Liquid Storage Tanks





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