Improvements to Residential Construction on Kauai After Iniki

Evaluation of Roof Sheathing Fastening Schedules for High Wind Uplift Pressures

A Statistical Analysis of Wind Damage to Single-Family Dwellings Due to Hurricane Hugo
The claim files of 575 policy holders of the South Carolina Windstorm and Hail Underwriting Association were analyzed to determine the nature of wind damage to single-family dwellings...

Relationship Between Residential Insurance Losses and Wind Conditions in Hurricane Andrew

Analysis of Structural Debris Generation and Disposal After Hurricane Andrew: Technical Perspective

Statistically-Based Evaluation of Homes Damaged by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Critique on Building Envelope Sessions

Performance of Commercial Masonry Structures in Hurricane Andrew

Performance of Plywood and OSB Sheathing During Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Wind Loads on Roofs of Low Rise Structures: Buffeting or Interaction

Causes of Roof Covering Damage and Failure Modes: Insights Provided by Hurricane Andrew

Testing Methods for Roof Systems

Cable-Stayed Convention Center
Big convention center brings big money. For that reason, officials in Kansas City, Mo. hoped to double the size of the Bartle Hall Convention Center. Little available land, however, surrounded...

Fast-Track Stadium
The project team selected to design and construct Egypt's cable-supported Cairo Stadium Indoor Sports Complex in late 1989 faced a hard-and-fast deadline. Just 18 months later,...

MRT Cable Supported Roof
A cable supported roof structure for Chientan station (R18A) at Taipei Mass Rail Transit system's Tan-Sui line are under construction. Unique wind and cross sectional dynamic effect has...

Mine Support, Radiation and Ventilation Control with Spray-on Barriers
The use of spray-on liner agents to provide localized excavation support in place of traditional techniques such as shotcrete or bolts-and-screen has been the subject of extensive investigation....

Computer-Aided Liability
Civil engineers are using computers more than ever to help them streamline analysis and design, boost productivity and cut costs. Often they rely on mass-marketed software such as Autodesk...

Steel Bar Joist Performance: Design Deficiencies and Defects
Several failures of steel bar joist roofs have been investigated by the authors in the past decade. Many of these failures or performance problems have corresponded to bar joists manufactured...

Prediction of Wind-Induced Responses and Wind Loads
The Recommendations for Wind Loads of Buildings and Structures of the Architectural Institute of Japan have now been updated. This paper presents the drafts of the new Recommendations...

Long-Span Design for Seismic Forces—A Case Study of the Anaheim Arena
The design for the Anaheim Arena roof evolved in response to the strict requirements for a structure in a seismic zone 4 location. The support of the 329 ft. (100 m) by 444 ft. (135 m)...





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