Quarry Conversion
All over the country, old landfills are filling rapidly, and potential new sites—and public support for them—are in short supply. Cities are faced with increasing solid waste disposal...

Measurement of Displacement Field by Matching Method and Observation of Strain Localization in Soft Rock

Securing the Stone
To prevent spalling at edges on thin stone veneer, engineers who design stone cladding pay special attention to the connection details. Kerf clips, 100-150 mm long, that distribute load...

Proposed Pier Scour Procedure for Rock Formations

The Erodibility Index: Practical Aspects

Prototype Scour Experiments in Simulated Fractured Rock and Granular Media

Prototype Validation of Erodibility Index for Scour in Fractured Rock Media

Gully Stabilization Methods Utilizing Launching Stone

Drainage Capacity of Stone Columns or Gravel Drains for Mitigating Liquefaction

Rock Dam Revitalization
Sometimes restoring an area to a natural appearance requires a little artificial help. When the city of Longmont, Colo., began creating the St. Vrain Greenway, a park and recreation area...

Stone Arch Aqueducts of the C&O Canal

Conquering Glacial Till in Ames, Iowa

A Method of Modeling Time-Dependent Rock Damage Surrounding Underground Excavations in Multiphase Groundwater Flow

Case Study: Stone Columns for Controlling Differential Settlement

Stone Column Improved and Piezocone Tested Site Supports Mid Rise Building Complex - A Case History

Stone Column Construction by the Rotary Method

Ground Improvement at Albany Airport, New York

Stone Columns for Remediating Liquefaction-Prone Sand

$1.9-Billion Eastside Reservoir Project Concept to Construction in 5 Years

Key Design and Construction Features of Sanchung Pumped-Storage Power Project, Korea





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