Highly Deformable Shotcrete Lining—Design and Experience

Foundations in Weathering Profiles from Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks

Statnamic Tests for Six Long Rock Socketed Shafts

Case History of Ground Improvement for Construction and Hydrotesting of a Large LNG Tank in Puerto Rico

Rock Foundations for Route 33 Bridge over the Lehigh River

Side Shear of Large Diameter Drilled Shafts in Weathered Geomaterials

A Case Study of Ground Improvement for a Major Power Plant in Jacksonville, Florida

Scenic-Bridge Strengthening (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
Built in 1937, California's Big Creek Bridge—a double-arch crossing with half-arch side spans—was due for a seismic retrofit. Challenged by the structure's unique...

Side Shear and End Bearing in Rock Sockets for Drilled Shafts

Stability of the Confederate Memorial Carving: Stone Mountain Georgia

On the Erodibility of Rock and Other Earth Materials

Preliminary Assessment of Local Scour Potential at Bridge Piers Founded on Rock

Scour in Erodible Rock I: The Erodibility Index

Scour in Erodible Rock II: Erosive Power at Bridge Piers

The Erodibility Index: Practical Aspects

Estimation of Bridge Pier Scour Using the Erodibility Index Method

Proposed Pier Scour Procedure for Rock Formations

Sizing Loose Dumped Rock Riprap: A Probability-Based Approach

Equivalencing Rock Riprap and Gabions for Stream Channel Protection

Rock Riprap for Grade Control





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