Current Issues in Elastic Degradation and Damage

Anisotropic Damage by (Micro)Crack Growth and Associated 3D Localized Failure Mechanisms

Constitutive Models for Healing of Materials

Stress Dependence of Source Mechanisms from Acoustic Emission

Application of Shotcrete on Hot Rock Surface

Design Principles for Use When Shotcrete is the Method of Rock Support for the Stockholm Ring Road System

Evolving Fracture Arrays and Associated Changes in Rock Mass Properties

Thermal Stress in Backfilled Circular Tunnel Due to 21 PWR MPC's

Assessing Alternative Conceptual Models of Fracture Flow

Experimental and Numerical Aqueous Flow Through a Partially Saturated Fracture

Principal Aspects of Petrographical Examination of Rock Salts to Assess Their Suitability for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Deformation of Underground Deep Cavities in Rock Salts at Their Long-Term Operations

Effective Media Models for Unsaturated Fractured Rock: A Field Experiment

Fracture Permeability Under Effect of Normal and Shear Stress: A Preliminary Experimental Investigation

Permeability of Fractured Tuff as Functions of Temperature and Confining Pressure

The Large Block Test, A Progress Report

Ventilation and Vapor-Phase Transport Near the ESF Tunnel

Gasgeodynamical Method for the Assessment of Rock Massif for Raw Disposal

Numerical and Physical Testing of Upscaling Techniques for Constitutive Properties

Proof-of-principle Tests of the REKA Method for the In Situ Thermophysical Property Measurement





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