Linking Kinematic and Physical Hydraulic Models

Juvenile Fish Passage System at McNary Dam

Hydraulic Investigations Associated with Fish Passage at Red Bluff Diversion Dam, California

Mechanism of Energy Dissipation and Hydraulic Design for Plunge Pools Downstream of Large Dams

Dam Foundation Erosion: Numerical Modeling

Dam Foundation Erosion: Pit 4 Dam Scale and Prototype Model Test Results and Comparison

Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen and Total Dissolved Gas in Tailraces

Oxygen Uptake at Barrages of the Elbe Cascade

A Unique Approach for Physical Model Studies of Nitrogen Gas Supersaturation

Prediction of Dissolved Gas Concentration Downstream of a Spillway

Design of Spillway Deflectors for Ice Harbor Dam to Reduce Supersaturated Dissolved Gas Levels Downstream

Air Entrainment in Bottom Outlet Tailrace Tunnels

Application of TELEMAC 2D Software to Dimensioning Hydraulic Structures: Case of the Mesce Dam

The 1985 Flow Slide and Debris Flow at Stava (Italy)

Numerical Modeling of Dam-Break Type Problems for Navier-Stokes and Granular Flows

Structures of Debris Flow Countermeasures

Retaining Function of Open-Type Sabo Dams

The Flow Field and Impact Force on a Debris Dam

Little Conemaugh Dam Failure

Recycling Penn Forest Dam
Almost since it's construction more than 30 years ago, the Penn Forest Dam had suffered severe seepage, leading officials in Bethlehem, Penn., to wonder how secure their largest...





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