Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

Simulation and Visualization of Martian Rover

Rock Foundations
This manual provides technical criteria and guidance for the design of rock foundations for civil works or other similar large military structures. It provides a minimal standard to be...

Tensioned Fabric Structures
A Practical Introduction
The objective of this publication is to provide basic information about the nature and characteristics of tensioned fabric structures. Its target audience includes architects, engineers,...

When Toxics Meet Metal
Zero-valent iron is an emerging remediation technology that transforms chlorinated solvents to harmless substances. Engineers and researchers have been studying the process for about five...

Anchoring a Landfill Expansion
Design of a grading plan for a landfill expansion in Los Angeles County was complicated by slopes with adverse bedding planes, permitting stipulations and property setbacks. Flattening...

Variability Response Functions for Plane Elasticity Problems with Multiple Stochastic Material/Geometric Properties

Sensitivity Analysis of the Seismic Capacity for a RC Silo Due to Variance of Its Material Properties

Reliability Based Design of Reinforced Earth Structures

Simulation of Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Variate, Non-Gaussian, Homogeneous Stochastic Fields with Applications to Soil Liquefaction

Boolean Modeling and Analysis of Smart Material Properties

Probabilistic Fatigue Life Analysis of High Density Electronics Packaging

Probabilistic Assessment on Variability of Mechanical Properties of Rock Masses

Estimation of Driven Pile Resistance at an Overconsolidated Clay Site Using Geostatistical Methods

Stone Bridge Safety Assessed

Uncertainties in Characterising Soil Properties

Minimizing Uncertainties in Geotechnical Investigations

Analyzing Spatial Variability of In Situ Soil Properties

Geostatistical Assessment of Spatial Variability in Piezocone Tests

Estimation of In-Situ Test Uncertainty





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