Geoenvironmental Evaluation of Geological Formations of Lithuania for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Simulation and Observation of ESF Tunnel Effects on Barometric Conditions

Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Thermal-Hydrological Processes at G-Tunnel and Yucca Mountain

A Progress Report on the Large Block Test

Unsaturated Flows Around a Horizontal Hole with Constant Heat Input

Scoping Analysis of In Situ Thermal-Hydrological Testing at Yucca Mountain

Indirect Evidences for Quantification of Groundwater Flow: Assessment of the Consistency of Geohydrological Groundwater Flow Models and Hydrochemical Mixing/Reaction Models of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

Geostatistical Simulation, Parameter Development and Property Scaling for GWTT-95

Evaluation of Groundwater Travel-Time Calculations for Yucca Mountain

Regulatory Perspective on Future Climates at Yucca Mountain

Dose Rates from Repository Performance Assessment

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 1: Fuel Cladding

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 2: Containment Seal

Controlled Drill & Blast Excavation at AECL's Underground Research Laboratory

The Effect of Saturation on the Mechanical Properties of Tuff at Yucca Mountain

Long Term Prediction of Far-Field Heat Conduction

Near-Drift Thermal Analysis Including Combined Modes of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

Models for Estimating Core-Cycle Rate of Penetration at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Scour in Erodible Rock I: The Erodibility Index





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