Retaining Function of Open-Type Sabo Dams

A Coupled Hyperelastic Constitutive Model for Resilient Response of Granular Materials

Behavior of Concrete Joints under Cyclic Shear

Mechanics of Deformation and Flow of Particulate Materials
This proceedings is composed of written contributions to the nine-session symposium on the Mechanics of Particulate Materials at the McNU Conference held at Evanston, Illinois, June 29-July...

Modern Dimension Stone Quarrying and Fabrication Technologies

Stone Exposure Test Wall at NIST

Mechanical Characterization of Natural Building Stone

Constitutive Models for Stone Deterioration

Natural Stone Described as a Microcracked Solid

Evaluation of Stone Cladding Anchorages on Precast Concrete Building Panels

Laboratory Evaluation of Building Stone Weathering

Edge Spalling in Thin Stone Cladding

Assuring the Durability of Stone Facades in New Construction

Construction Issues Facing Ultra Pure Water Systems

Los Angeles Metro-TBM Starter Tunnels-Mixed Face Conditions
Twin TBM starter tunnerls with mixed face conditions were successfully mined by roadheader with steel rib and shotcrete initial support beneath the Hollywood Freeway. Tunneling and total...

Clark Avenue: A Recent Experience in Microtunneling Mixed Face Ground Conditions

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete

Significant Soil Properties in the Thermal and Structural Design of Building Foundations

The Professional Standards Dilemma Facing the Geoprofessional Community

Old Aswan Dam
Egypt's Aswan Dam is almost 100 years old, and engineers performed tests of the masonry, conducting petrographic and chemical analyses. The High and Aswan Dam Authority of...





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