The California Marine Mammal Research Program of the Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate Experiment: Potential Effects of Low Frequency Sound on Distribution and Behavior of Marine Mammals

The State Water Resources Control Board's Marine Bioassay Project

Measurement of Displacement Field by Matching Method and Observation of Strain Localization in Soft Rock

Methods for Soil Characterization from Images of Grain Assemblies

Scalar Properties of Transversely Isotropic Tuff from Images of Orthoganol Cross Sections

Simulation of Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Soil Microstructure

High-Performance Powder
The application of fundamental principles related to the composition, the making, and the thermal treatment of concrete resulted in the development of a new type of concrete with outstanding...

Securing the Stone
To prevent spalling at edges on thin stone veneer, engineers who design stone cladding pay special attention to the connection details. Kerf clips, 100-150 mm long, that distribute load...

Propagation Property of Dynamic Pressure Through Reclaimed Sand Behind Caisson-Type Seawalls

Navigating the Planning and Implementation Efforts of a Dredging Project Amidst the Myriad of Local, State and Federal Bureacratic Floating Mines

Concrete Change
The concrete industry has an array of options when it comes to recycling. Incorporating glass, chicken feathers, palm fronds, sludge, crushed computer casings or other recycled materials...

Behavior of Stainless Steels in Concrete

Considering Uncertainty in Earthquake Response Spectra

Advanced Hydrologic Forecasting Products for Flood and Drought Mitigation

Lake Water Quality Management Based on Seasonal Thermal Stratifications in Lake Moomaw, VA

Properties of High Performance Steels and Their Use in Bridges

Steel Post-Tensioning Tendon Behavior: Up to 35-Year Marine Exposure

Stone Arch Aqueducts of the C&O Canal

Steel Moment Connection Detailing, Workmanship, Material Properties and Fractures

Dynamic Material Behavior





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