Overview of Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management

Ineffective Overbank Flow in One-Dimensional Models

Effects of Wetlands on Modulating Hydrologic Regimes in Nine Wisconsin Watersheds

Flood Control Effects of Hwachon Dam in Connection with Peace Dam

Effectiveness of a Combined Urban Wetland Detention Basin: First Results

Tough Conditions, Innovative Solutions
Two major innovations in U.S. construction practice are part of the solution to a complex and difficult portion of the Massachusetts Highway Department's Central Artery/Tunnel...

Deformation Characteristics of an Arkansas Subgrade Soil

Research on Dynamic Properties of the Train Operating Diagram with Multi-Redundant Time Distributions

Proposed Pier Scour Procedure for Rock Formations

The Erodibility Index: Practical Aspects

The Relationships Between Soil Conditions and Growth of Willow Posts on Streambanks

Prototype Scour Experiments in Simulated Fractured Rock and Granular Media

Prototype Validation of Erodibility Index for Scour in Fractured Rock Media

Erosion of Structured Material Due to Impinging Jet

Hydrologic Soil Group Assignment

Selection of an Appropriate Hydrologic Analysis Method to Simulate a Watershed Response: Ashland Creek Case Study

Water Quality of Kangra Valley (India) - A Case Study

Gully Stabilization Methods Utilizing Launching Stone

Application of the Simulation-Optimization Approach to Groundwater Management: Pease Air Force Base Case Study

The Downhole Freestanding Shear Device Concept





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