Expected Performance of Thermal Stress Relief Elements for Ground Support at the Yucca Mountain Repository

Long Term Behavior of Tunnels in Chicago Clay

Rock Grouting: Contemporary Concepts in Materials, Methods, and Verification

Successful Urban Rock Tunneling in Spite of Encountering Gasoline, Cleaning Solvents, and Methane Gas

Jet Grouting in Cohesive Soils

Adding Realism to the Planning Rock Tunnel Boring Machine Projects

Early Warning System
The Rock Hazard Rating System (RHRS) can help highway owners mitigate the risks of rock slope failure. This system helps owners determine which slopes are most hazardous and should be...

Probabilistic Analysis of Fort Pierce Beach Recession with Hardbottom Features

High Strength Concrete
This proceedings, High Strength Concrete, consists of papers presented at the first Engineering Foundation Conference on High Strength Concrete,...

The Efficiency of a Peat Biofilter Treatment System and the Impacts on Groundwater Quality

Summary Report of Bioassays for the City of Hollywood Water Plant Membrane Reject Water as it Mixed with Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Effluent in an Ocean Outfall Environment

Long-Term Streamflow Forecasting
(No paper) Technology is creating major impacts on water management decisions dynamics. Today emerging technologies, such as satellite rely of hydrological and meteorological data, improvement...

Earthquake-Induced Rock Fall and Slide Hazard along U.S. Highway 97 and Oregon Highway 140 near Klamath Falls, Oregon

Seismic Behavior of On-Grade Steel Tanks: Fragility Curves

Creep Behavior of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils: A Comparison

Study of Frozen Cloddy Soils Properties as a Road Embankment Material in Permafrost Regions

Installation and Evaluation of Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Alaska Soils

Characteristic Piezocone Response in Piedmont Residual Soils

Residual Soil Characterization for a Power Plant

In Situ Estimation of Soil Hydraulic Properties Using Inverse Modeling





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