Urban Public Transportation System of Shanghai and Its Operations and Use by People
Shanghai, one of the largest cities in the world and with a population of 13.5 million, has been campaigning for reliable public transportation since late 1979's. Today, it becomes one...

Social Characteristics, Land Use and Travel Patterns of Singapore
The transportation system for Singapore in the next century needs to meet not only the increased demand to travel, but also the rising expectations for a quality transport system. Though,...

Urban Public Transportation of Singapore
Singapore is a city state with a land area of 648 sq km and a population of 3.8 million. The total daily trips generated is about 7 million. Of these, around 5 million trips are on public...

Application of New Technology in Public Transportation Systems in Singapore
With the economic expansion, population growth, the high rate of household formation and population dispersion in Singapore, the number of daily trips made is expected to increase. To...

Urban Public Transportation System and Its Operation and Use by People in Tokyo
The public transportation system in Tokyo Metropolitan Region (TMR), primarily based on a well-developed rail/subway network, manages to support passenger movement in the huge urban complex....

Empirical Cost Savings Using an Internet-Based Construction Management System

Proposed Third Crossing of Hampton Roads, James River, Virginia: Feature-Based Criteria for Evaluation of Model Study Results

The Mary River Estuary: A New Approach to Modeling of Marshes and Over-Bank Areas

Modeling Surface Trapped River Plumes: A Sensitivity Study

Typical and Extreme Responses of Chesapeake Bay and Its Coastal Plume to Riverine Forcing

Using GIS as an Interface for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling

Intrusions of the Loop Current over the MS Bight

The Use of GIS in Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model Pre- and Post-Processing for Feature-Specific Applications

An Isopycnic Model Study of the Black Sea

A Hydrodynamic Model Calibration Study of the Savannah River Estuary with an Examination of Factors Affecting Salinity Intrusion

The Gaspé Current and Cyclonic Motion over the Northwestern Gulf of St. Lawrence

Quadtree Grids for Dispersion and Inverse Flow Models

Effects of Bed Coarsening on Sediment Transport

Mixing in a Small Tidal Estuarine Plume

Pearl River Estuary Pollution Project (PREPP): An Integrated Approach





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