Features of a Chevron Weir Rock Ramp
This paper presents the features of a new type of low profile grade control structure, the chevron weir rock ramp. As the name infers, the planform of the structure is in the shape of...

Rock Riprap for Grade Control
Rock chutes (riprap channels on steep slopes) are used as grade control structures to safely conduct a water flow to a lower elevation. Common procedures used for design of rock riprap...

Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels
Engineering guidelines for the design of stable rock armored channels are well established. However, few guidelines exist for designers involved with the reconstruction of channels with...

Riprap and Concrete Armor to Prevent Pier Scour
Local scour is not a product of recent times or modern building practices. The annals of the Institute of Civil Engineers, in London, contain references throughout the 1800s and early...

Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection
As an alternate to designing bridge abutments to withstand the development of the full scour prism predicted by equations currently available for estimating abutment scour, FHWA recommends...

Application of Shotcrete on Hot Rock Surface

Hydraulic Design of Flood Control Channels
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 10. This guide presents procedures for the design analysis...

Channel Rectification for Castor River, Missouri: A Case Study

Streambank Protection and Habitat Restoration

Embankment Overtopping Protection - Concrete Blocks or Riprap

Sizing Loose Dumped Rock Riprap: A Probability-Based Approach

Stability of Rock Chutes

Comparison of DEC Structure Model and Prototype Performance

Stream Bank Erosion: Application of the Erodibility Index Method

Equivalencing Rock Riprap and Gabions for Stream Channel Protection

Alternative Scour Countermeasures

Model Study of Riprap Stability under Wave Action at the LG3 Reservoir, La Grande Hydroelectric Project

Case Histories of the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Rubble Mound Structures
This proceedings, Case Histories of the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Rubble Mound Structures, contains papers presented at a seminar...

Measurements of the Hydrodynamic Lift and Drag Forces Acting on Riprap Side Slope
Direct measurements have been made of lift and drag forces acting on a 20.1 mm spherical particle placed within the riprapped 1.5 H: 1 V side slope of a 10 m long channel which was protected...

Sandstone Materials Used as Riprap
A study was conducted to determine if sandstone materials could be potentially used as riprap. Nineteen rock samples (16 sandstone samples) were collected in six western states. The rock...





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