Gradation and Layer Thickness Effects on Riprap
Since riprap has become a costly and in some areas, scarce commodity, proper design maximizing the level of protection with a minimum rock size and layer thickness is an important goal....

Mechanical Properties of Model Ice Rubble
Experiments were conducted to measure the mechanical properties of bulk ice rubble. Tests were performed under isothermal and plane strain conditions. Fresh water ice blocks were used...

Geotechnical Aspects of Strontia Springs Arch Dam
The bedrock at the Strontia Springs damsite consists of generally excellent quality granitic and metamorphic rock, except for a wide shear zone located beneath the dam in the lower valley...

Reduction of Intake Flow Due to Ice Rubbling and Consolidation
Numerous seawater intakes have been designed for Arctic Coastal Waters. In these areas moving ice often causes rubbling and pile up of broken ice pieces against the shore. If this forms...

Some Thoughts on the Future Design of Breakwaters

On the Interpretation of Rubble-Mound Breakwater Tests

Low-Crest Breakwaters, Studies in Random Waves

An Investigation of the Stable Weight of Rubble for the Foundations of Vertical Walls under Wave Action

Riprap Stability a Progress Report

Design of Toe Protection for Coastal Structures

Pile Testing for Waterfront Structures

Soft Engineering Alternatives for Shore Protection

Rock Riprap Gradient Control Structures

Model Study and Riprap Design for Columbia River

Densification of Loose Deposits by Pounding
Marginal sites consisting of rubble fill or loose natural soils have been improved by the pounding process so that one to four story structures can be supported on spread footings. The...

Thin Shotcrete Layers Subjected to Punch Loads

Experiences with the Use of Shotcrete in Soft Rocks

Safety Factors for Riprap Protection
The merit of a particular riprap design can be represented by numerical value of the riprap safety factor, defined as the ratio of moments resisting particle motion to the moments tending...

Parameters Affecting Stability of Rubble Mounds
The paper examines the hydraulic reasons for failure of rubble structures suggesting improvements in design methods. The importance of forces by uprush and downrush, and forces depending...

Wave Period Effect on the Stability of Riprap





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