Limit State Reliabilities of Structural Systems

Calculated Rocking Behavior of an Embedded Rigid Body

Upthrow of Objects Due to Horizontal Impulse Excitation

On a Dynamic Mixed Boundary-Value Problem of a Rigid Body Upon a Semi-Infinite Elastic Medium

Stochastic Post-Failure Models of Buried Slabs

Beam-Column Analysis of Rigid Frames

The Quiet Revolution in Skyscraper Design
Since the 1960's, there has been a major change in the philosophy for designing high-rise buildings. Up to that time, most buildings were designed to resist wind forces by...

Pile Cap Analysis

Dynamic Response of Rigid Prism Assemblies

Dynamic Response of Rigid Foundations by the Time Domain B.E.M.

Dynamics of Rigid Guns with Straight Tubes

Large Deflections of Nonlinear Elastic Beams under Uniformly Distributed Loads

Tests on Tubular Columns with Variable End Restraint

Simplified Analysis of Bundled-Type Structures
A simplified method is presented for the analysis of bundled tube structures subjected to lateral loads. The rigidly-jointed perimeter and interior web frame panels are replaced by equivalent...

Pipeline Stability Under Finite-Amplitude Waves
The lateral stability of a bottom-laid pipeline under finite-amplitude waves which are shoaling on a mildly-sloping, rigid beach is considered. Incipient sliding motion conditions are...

Rigid-Body Response of Base-Isolated Structures
The problem of control of rigid body response of structural systems such as nuclear islands, which are mounted on a gird of bearings with three dimensional damping and stiffness properties,...

Complications in Free Vibration Analysis of Tanks
A simple and computationally effective method for computing the dynamic characteristics of ground-supported, cylindrical liquid storage tanks has been developed. A generalization of this...

Rigidities of Nonorthogonally Shaped Waffle Slabs
Theoretical formulae are presented for the various rigidities of non-orthogonally shaped waffle concrete slabs for both the precracking and postcracking stages. The deduced expressions...

Motion Characteristics of Floating Structures
An engineering approach to the time domain analysis which accounts for the effects of damping is developed for the purpose of evaluating the rigid body response motion of a two-dimensional...

Edge Stiffeners for Thin-Walled Members
An effective width approach is presented for predicting ultimate strengths of thin-walled compression elements with edge stiffeners. In conjunction with procedures for predicting ultimate...





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