The International Building Code and International Residential Code and Their Impact on Wood Frame Design and Construction

Analysis of Wood Peg Connected Timber Frames

Design Considerations for Timber Frame Connections

The Painful Realities and Lovely Results of Using Recycled Timbers

Simplified Reliability Analysis of Light-Frame Roofs Subject to Uplift Loads

The SAC Database: Understanding and Using Steel Frame Test Results

Update on Seismic Performance of Steel Frame Connections

Analysis and Behavior of Steel Frame Buildings

Evaluating UT as a Tool for Reliability Assessment

Structural Loading Tests of Pre-Cast, Pre-Stressed, Tapered Concrete Poles and Frames with Steel Cross-Arms

Cyclic Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Interior Frame Connections for Pultruded Structures

Low Cycle Fatigue of Structural Materials

Effects of Weld Residual Stress on Fracture Behavior in Moment Frame Connections

Making the Connection
This article details the results of a pilot research project on the use of polymer composites and high-strength adhesives for the structural repair of damaged steel frame connections....

High Strength Concrete
This proceedings, High Strength Concrete, consists of papers presented at the first Engineering Foundation Conference on High Strength Concrete,...

Seismic Assessment of Concrete-Filled Steel Frame Substations

Risk Evaluation of Special Moment-Resisting Frames under an Earthquake

Enhance Pipeline Reliability with Proper Installation

Wood Structures Tour

Natural Hazard Mitigation





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