Experiments with Elasto-Plastic Oscillator

Transition from Partial Factors Method to Simulation Based Reliability Assessment in Structural Design

Hysteretic MDOF Model to Quantify Damage for RC Shear Frames Subject to Earthquakes

Column Design in Fire Exposed Steel Frames

Seismic Pressures Against Rigid Walls

On Seismic Displacements of Rigid Retaining Walls

Earthquake Destructiveness Potential Factor and Permanent Displacements of Gravity Retaining Walls

Project Control
The project work plan, as originally written and modified during the course of projects, sets up specific schedule and budget yardsticks; each project task is to be completed in a specific...

Specifying the Right Steel for Laterally Loaded Piling

Bracing for Stability—State-of-the-Art

Design Optimization of 3D Reinforced Concrete Skeletal Frameworks

An Alternative Linearization Method

Steel Plate Energy Dissipators for a 5-Story Frame

Performance of Steel Framed Buildings in the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Use of Slip-Critical Connections in the Design of Lateral Force-Resisting Frames

Beam-to-Column Connections Using High Strength Steel Castings with Improved Weldability

A Balanced Seismic Steel Design Procedure for Strength and Ductility Requirements

Exposed Steel Architecture - Case Studies

Practical Design of Unbraced Moment Frames with Leaning Columns

Rehabilitation Detailing to Prevent Collapse of Precast Buildings Subject to Major Seismic Events





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