Earthquake Design Criteria for Small Hydro Projects in the Philippines

Metro Manila Communications Lifeline Preparedness and Vulnerability - II: Learning from the Northridge Experience

Bottom-Feed Stone Columns, Wet Replacement Construction Method: Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam Modifications

Verification of Stone Column Construction Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam

Dredged Material Disposal Within An Estuary: Is It A Significant Source Of Sediment and Contaminant Fluxes? The Case Of Long Island Sound

Numerical Decomposition of Eulerian Residual Circulation in Long Island Sound

Demonstration of the Wes New York Bight Hydrodynamic Model in Long Island Sound
Recently, a three-dimensional numerical hydrodynamic model of the New York Bight developed by the Waterways Experiment Station was applied to the Long Island Sound subregion, using NOAA's...

Development and Application of a Three-Dimensional Boundary-Fitted Circulation Model in Providence River

Three Dimensional Modeling of Circulation and Salinity in Mt. Hope Bay and the Lower Taunton River
A three dimensional, vertical sigma coordinate hydrodynamic model was developed and applied to Mt. Hope Bay and the lower Taunton River. The model solves the conservation of water mass,...

Application of WQMAP to Upper Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
WQMAP is a PC-based water quality analysis tool linking numerical models and environmental data with a geographic information and display system. For this application the model set consisted...

Marine Recreation Project of the City of Yokohama - Marine Park and Hakkei Island -

Development of Long-Term Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics in Long Island Sound for Use in Water Quality Modeling
The Blumberg-Mellor (1987) three-dimensional hydrodynamic model has been adapted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Ocean Service (NOS) to provide hydrodynamic...

Do We Need More Waterbird Nesting Islands in Galveston Bay, Texas? (and if so, how and where do we build them?)

Dredged Material Disposal and Migratory Birds

Poplar Island Reclamation and Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material

Dredging in the Bering Sea St. George Island 1993-94 Harbor Dredging Project

Enhancing Habitat at an Onshore Dredge Disposal Site

Environmental Modeling of Coastal Wetlands
Several useful modeling techniques have been developed for the numerical solution of the vertically integrated Reynolds equations on unstructured grids in wetland environments. The objectives...

An Offshore Island Wave Sheltering Model
The wave climate along Southern California Coastal area is greatly modified by the existing systems of natural islands shown. As deep water wave approach the nearshore area, they generally...

A Fish Bypass Screen at Puntledge Project
An Eicher screen has been designed for the Puntledge Diversion Project on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Its purpose is to reduce the mortality of downstream migrating juvenile...





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