Dredging and Site Engineering Design for the Poplar Island Restoration Project

Design of Artificial Islands for Dredged Material Disposal

Long-Term Observations of Migrating Shore-Normal Bars

Development of Sand Island with Vegetation in Fluvial Fan River Under Degradation

Measuring Shoreline Erosion Rates: Strategy, Techniques and Accuracy

Technical Paper on the Concept and Development of the New General Santos (Tambler) Airport

Calabarzon: Counter-Magnet Metro Manila

Planning & Design Aspects for the Poplar Island Restoration Project

Basic Planning for Ports in a New Offshore Free Trade Zone Development

The Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project: Introducing Disaster Mitigation in Highly Vulnerable Small Islands

A Rapid Barrier Island Hazard Mapping Technique as a Basis for Property Damage Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis Using Digital Photogrammetry

Delivered into Providence
The Bristol County Water Authority of Rhode Island needed a pipeline to move potable water into the eastern regions, but the Providence River stood in the way. Directional-drilling provided...

A Debris Flow Triggered by a Soil Slip on Elba Island, Italy

Erosion and Sedimentation in Mount Pinatubo Rivers, Philippines

The Willow Island Cooling Tower Scaffold Collapse—America's Worst Construction Accident

Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

Ice Retention with Artificial Islands on the St. Marys River

Wave Stress and Longshore Current on Barred Profiles

Longshore Currents Over Barred Beaches





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