Determination of Force and Surface Pressure Coefficients of High Reynolds Number Flow over Circular Cylinder by Discrete Vortex Method

Finite Analytic Numerical Simulation of Flow in an Expansion Channel

Turbulence Measurements in Low Froude Number Hydraulic Jumps

Characteristics of Surf-Zone Turbulence in Regular and Irregular Waves

Modelling of Surfzone Waves in Field and Their Momentum Diffusion Coefficients

A Similitude Model for Flow-Induced Vibrational Response of Wicket Gates

Experiences in Estimating Curve Numbers From Rainfall Simulation Data

Turbulence Characteristics of Flow Over a Cobble Bed

The Effect of Approaching Flow Angles on the Local Scour at Semi-Circular Piers

Supercritical Baffle Blocks

Heuristic Knowledge-base Approach to Runoff Estimation in Midwestern States Using a SCS Curve Number Method
The applications of the Knowledge-Based engineering has emerged as a potential technique for incorporating human expertise and some degree of intelligent judgment into decision-supporting...

An Investigation of Turbulence in Open Channel Flow via Three-component Laser Doppler Anemometry
A three-component laser Doppler anemometer is used to reexamine the distribution of single-point mean statistics in a nearly uniform fully-developed 2D turbulent open channel flow of water...

Mixing of Thermal Discharges at Low Froude Numbers
A study was performed to develop an optimum configuration for the discharge canal of a cooling lake. The objective was to minimize the initial mixing at the end of the discharge canal,...

Stability Principle of Critical Flow Depth in a Moving Coordinate System

Free-Surface Instability in Flow down Steep Rivers

Scour Prediction Model at Bridge Abutments
A model to predict local abutment scour is presented. The model is based on a large number of laboratory experiments over the past half century. The dependent variable, a ratio that includes...

The Separated Flow Around a Circular Bridge Pier
The unsteady separated flows around a flat plate/cylinder junction and a scour hole/cylinder junction were investigated experimentally. The flow in the plane of symmetry was presented....

Bed Shear Stress in Unsteady Open-Channel Flows
In this study, velocity distributions over smooth and rough beds were accurately measured with an LDA in unsteady open-channel flows. The log-law distributions yielded well in the wall...

Variation of Froude Number with Discharge for Large-Gradient Streams
Under chemical-control conditions, the Froude number (f) for a cross-section can be approximated as a function of the ratio R2/ 3/d...

Riprap Incipient Motion and Shields' Parameter
Unobstructed incipient motion data from a variety of sources are compiled to re-examine current thinking regarding riprap stability. Shields' framework is investigated and relationships...





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