GIS Data Based Optimization of Tank Model

Performance of a Stilling Basin with Partially Short Walls

Design of Clarifiers and Sedimentation Basins Using an Advanced Numerical Modeling Approach

Decision Support System (DSS) for Basin-Wide Water Resources Management

Figuring 7-Day Runoff in Depressional Basins

Local Issues in California Coastal Zone Planning: Case Studies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Salinas River Basin, and San Francisco Bay

The Fish Fauna of Ballona Marsh, an Urban Estuary on the Western Los Angeles Basin

The Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study

Wind Forcing of the Ocean Circulation in the Santa Barbara Channel and the Santa Maria Basin

Storm Water Permitting in the Milwaukee River Basin

Reduction of Illinois River Flood Stages by Converting a Few Selected Levee Districts to Managed Storage Areas

Modeling the Great Lakes Net Basin Supplies Series Using SAMS

Folsom Dam Spillway Stilling Basin Repair

Single Outlet Detention Pond Design and Analysis Equation

Development of a GIS-Based Watershed Assessment Model: Application to the Kentucky River Basin

Propagation and Transformation of Nonlinear Shallow Water Waves in Irregular Basins

Maintenance of Stormwater Retrofit Projects

Extraordinary Flood Disaster in Tai Lake Basin of China in 1991

An Innovative Best Management Practice System for a Recreational Farm in Taiwan

A Case Study of the Goldsmith Gulch Flood Control Project





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