Los Angeles River as a Water Source for a Freshwater Reservoir
Simons, Li & Associates, Inc., performed a study to examine the technical feasibility of a freshwater reservoir in the ocean at the mouth of the Los Angeles River through a conceptual...

Equity Measures for Selecting Sustainable Projects
Once implemented, a project may result in social, ecological, and economic impacts on both spatially and temporally distributed groups. Sustainable project selection requires that distributional...

Managing Conflicting Demands from Endangered Species: Taking the Challenge
Reservoir system managers face conflicting demands from interests such as water supply, flood control, recreation, hydropower, and environmental preservation. Historically, water resource...

Geoenvironmental Challenges at the Old Dominion Sanitary Landfill and Resource Management Facility

Preliminary Investigation of the 317 Area, ANL-E

Status of Improvement Projects at U.S. Ports

Future Prospects for Equipment Resource Management

Watershed/Ecosystem Issues in Urban Runoff Monitoring and Management

Revisiting the 1994 National Enviornmental Pendulum Conference

Combining Water Resources and Environmental Plans

The Swinging Pendulum: A Receiving System Perspective

Integrated Water Resources Planning of Quantity and Quality in Taiwan

Holistic Stormwater Master Planning for Cape Coral, Fl.

Sustainability Criteria in Project Planning

Sustainability in International Water Resources Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries

Sustainability: A Perspective from the South

Sustainable Stormwater Management

Measuring Sustainability in a Humid Region

Sustainability Criteria: An Application to the Hydropower Industry

The Last Dam in the West: Is the Western Water Project Really an Endangered Species?





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