Development of a Data Centered Decision Support System for Multiple Purpose Water Resources Projects

The Newark South Wellfield Aquifer Management Plan: How to Get More Water/Better Water in an Urban Setting!

Development of an Annotated Bibliography on the Preservation and Restoration of Riverine Corridors in Urban Areas

Environmental Worldviews and Water Resources

Policy and Engineering Decision-making under Global Change: Case of the Upper Rio Grande River Basin

Fuzzy Rule-Based Estimation of Flood Probabilities under Climatic Fluctuations

Recently Emphasized Objectives and Risk Analysis for Project Planning in Developing Countries

Subjective Probability Assessment in Water Resources Planning

Risk Communication: Guidelines and Commentary

Critical Evaluation of Risk Assessment: A Look from the Inside Out

Optimum On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency for Sustainable Agriculture
In irrigated agriculture, on-farm irrigation efficiency and salinity build-up in the crop root zone are interrelated. Sustainability of soil productivity and crop production depends on...

Statistical Distributions and Natural Hydrograph
For design projects in the water resources area, a hydrograph is commonly used to determine the flood volume generated by a given drainage basin. The division of total flow into direct...

Water Quality Improvement Program in Ventura County at Port Hueneme
Integrated resource planning (IRP) has been used successfully by several larger water utilities to resolve complex water supply issues. This paper describes the experience of a smaller...

Advanced Hydrologic Forecasting for Flood and Drought Mitigation

Groundwater Monitoring For a Tunneling Project
The Groundwater Monitoring and Management Plan, developed for the proposed tunnel reaches between Devil Canyon and City Creek, monitors and manages selected water resource features within...

Oil Spills: Prevention, Prediction, and Preparation
This paper summarizes some of the state and federal rules, assessment techniques, and response procedures being used by marine terminals along coastal California to prevent, predict, and...

Evaluation of Modelling Needs for Central Valley Project Operations
The Bureau of Reclamations Central Valley Operations Office (CVO) has responsibility for planning, implementing, overseeing, and coordinating the various operations of the Central Valley...

Annual Delivery Decisions in the Simulation of the California State Water Project and Federal Central Valley Project using DWRSIM
This paper presents a new annual contractor delivery determination procedure for the California Department of Water Resources' State Water Project (SWP) and Central Valley...

California's Response to Drought
A reliable water supply is essential in supporting our society. Past experience during droughts in California suggest that appropriate action must be consistent with the severity of the...

Water Conservation Definitions From a Hydrologic Viewpoint
The definition of water management principles needed to satisfy societys water use objectives requires the use of terms and definitions that clearly describe the effects of various water...





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