What Do We Really Know About Marine Biodiversity in Central California?

One Local View of the California Biodiversity Council

Effectiveness of Marine Life Refuges on Southern California Shores

Will Global Change Affect Planktonic Productivity?

Ocean Benefits of Healthy Riparian Systems

The State Water Resources Control Board's Marine Bioassay Project

Southern California Educational Initiative and Coastal Marine Institute: Long-term Environmental, Social and Economic Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Why Worry About Sustainable Development?

Creating and Maintaining a Balance Between the Environment and Development

Geotechnical Engineering for Sustainable Development

An Analysis of the Importance of Allee Effects in Management of Red Sea Urchins: Differences Between Oregon/Washington and Southern California

Improved Coordination and Cooperation of ESA Activities: How Can We Help Each Other?

Integrated Natural Resources Planning: Ecosystem Management on a Coastal Air Force Base

Marine Protected Areas, Ecosystem Management, and Ocean Governance: Making Pieces of Different Puzzles Fit Together (without a Hammer)

Denver's South Platte River Corridor Project

Managing Cumulative Impacts in the California Coastal Zone: Lessons of the Regional Cumulative Assessment Project

Modeling the Great Lakes Net Basin Supplies Series Using SAMS

Water Resources Decision Making, a Shared Approach

Marine Protected Areas and the Red Urchin Fishery

Development of a GIS-Based Watershed Assessment Model: Application to the Kentucky River Basin





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