Resilient Modulus Measurements on Cohesive Soils

Modeling Field Moisture in Resilient Moduli Testing

Use of a Micro-Computer for Control, Data Acquisition and Evaluation of the Resilient Modulus Test

Resilient Moduli of Soils
Laboratory Conditions
Historically, structural pavement design has been based on static testing techniques, such as the CBR. More recently, the profession has placed increased emphasis on repeated load testing...

Soil Modulus from Large Scale Plate Load Test

Shear Wave Velocity in Gravels

In Situ Seismic Testing of Hard-to-Sample Soils by Surface Wave Method

Small-Strain Shear Modulus of Clay

Using the CPT for Dynamic Site Response Characterization

Correlations Between Dynamic Shear Resistance and Standard Penetration Resistance in Soils

Settlement of Residual Soils
The method previously suggested by the author in 1977 for calculating settlement of non-plastic to slightly plastic Piedmont Physiographic Region residual soils is reviewed. Additional...

Dynamic Characteristics of Intact Loess

Dynamic Shear Modulus of Flyash

Selected Papers from the Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering —1985
This book contains English translations of 19 articles selected from the Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. Five of the papers are...

Settlement of a Reactor Containment on Sand
In this paper, predicted and observed settlements are presented for the reactor containment structure of the Beaver Valley Power Station - Unit 2, Shippingport, Pennsylvania. The Beaver...

Seismic Cone Penetration Test
A new test, called the seismic cone penetration test (SCPT) is described. A small rugged velocity seismometer has been incorporated into an electronic cone penetrometer. The combination...

Residual Soil Settlement From Pressuremeter Moduli
The Menard pressuremeter test is briefly described, and practical drilling techniques are summarized for Piedmont residual soils. Applications and limitations of the pressuremeter are...

In Situ Tests Aid Design of a Cylinder Pile Wall
In situ testing was used to verify geotechnical design parameters and modify construction for a 22 million dollar slope stabilization project near a major highway interchange. The project...

Correlation of Soil Parameters From In Situ and Laboratory Tests for Building 333
Pressuremeter, plate bearing and cone penetration tests were performed on the prepared foundation soil for Building 333 located in the Red River Army Depot near Texarkana, TX. The results...

Dilatometer Tests in Sand
The paper presents two applications of the dilatometer test in sands: control of compaction and determination of constrained modulus. Twelve dilatometer tests were carried out before and...





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