Dilatometer to Compute Foundation Settlement
Sixteen examples demonstrate how the S. Marchetti dilatometer test (DMT) provides soil compressibility data for the rapid calculation of foundation settlements with an average ratio of...

Harmonic Vertical Pile Response in Non-Homogeneous Medium
This paper describes the application of the boundary element method to determine the steady state response of vertically loaded floating piles in a non-homogeneous medium in which the...

Research on Transportation Facilities in Cold Regions
Transportation facilities research in cold regions, reported in this session proceedings, begins with a field study showing that ground surface characteristics have a significant effect...

Effects of External Loadings on Large-Diameter Buried Pipelines
Development of oil and gas resources in the far north has involved extensive use of buried steel pipelines. Buried pipelines, particularly onshore, are frequently subjected to heavy superimposed...

Geotechnical Characteristics of Seafloor Sediments: Norton Sound, Alaska
During the past few years the USGS has been conducting studies in the northern Bering Sea aimed at identifying geologic and environmental conditions that may be hazardous to offshore resource...

Computer-Aided Studies of Complex Soil Moduli
Low-cost microcomputers and new electronic components make it possible to measure accurately the phase and amplitude of mechanical waves in the frequency domain at a small fraction of...

Shear Moduli Measurements under True Triaxial Stresses
The effect of state of stress on the shear wave velocity and shear modulus of a dry sand was examined. Testing was performed in a large-scale triaxial device in which cubic soil samples...

Lab Measurements of Gmax Using Bender Elements
This paper describes in detail the installation and use of piezoceramic bender elements in a variety of standard geotechnical laboratory testing equipment at NGI (e. g. , triaxial, direct...

Advances in the Art of Testing Soils Under Cyclic Conditions
The session on Advances in the Art of Testing Soils under Cyclic Loading Conditions was organized by the Soil Dynamics committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers in an endeavor...

Directional Shear Experiments and Stress Induced Anisotropy in Soil

Consolidation of Poroelastic Arterial Tissue

Shear Modulus Bounds for Transverse Isotropy

Infinite Elements for Elastostatics of Half Spaces

On a Curve Description Model for Soils

Deformation Analysis for Braced Excavation in Clay

Settlements of a Tower on Residual Soil

Estimating In Situ Shear Moduli at Competent Sites

Dynamic Properties of Lime and LFA Treated Soils

Dynamic Modulus and Damping Relationships for Sands

Dynamic Properties of Hard Glacial Till





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