Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach

Seismic Deformation Analysis of the Upper San Fernando Dam Under the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake

Nonlinear Seismic Effective Stress: Dam-Foundation Interaction

Liquefaction Assessment Using a Bounding Surface Hypoplasticity Model for Sand

Stability Analysis of the Fill Embankment Damaged by Recent Two Major Earthquakes in Hokkaido, Japan

Laboratory Assessment of Residual Strength of Gravelly Fill of an Earth Dam

Seismic Analysis and Performance of Retaining Structures

Analyses of Damaged and Undamaged Pile Foundations in Liquefied Soils During the 1995 Kobe Earthquake

Verification of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction

On the Response of Transmission Structures to High Winds

Comparison of ASD vs. LRFD for an Aluminum Clear Span Roof Structure

Estimation of Residual Stresses in Thick Section Weldments

Stress Analysis of Bond for Integrated Optical Fiber Sensors

Artificial Neural Networks for Civil Engineers
Fundamentals and Applications
Sponsored by the Committee on Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence of the Technical Council on Computer Practices of ASCE. This report describes...

A Model of a Granular Assembly as a Structured Material

Higher-order Theory of Elasticity for Granular Solid

Modeling of Granular Materials: A Numerical Model Using Lattices

Deformation Measures for Granular Materials

3-D MRI Experiment of Granular Material

Damage Modeling for Cemented Particulate Materials





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