Effect of Transition Zone on the Pre-Peak Mechanical Behavior of Mortar

Stress-Strain Behavior of High-Performance 70W Bridge Steel

Design with Residual Materials
Geotechnical and Construction Considerations
Residual materials are in-place soil and rock like material derived from the chemical weathering of rock. The nature of residual material is a function of the type of parent material and...

Residual Benefits
Stringent pretreatment and effluent standards and a lack of capacity prohibit their release into sanitary sewer systems. Landfill disposal is costly. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination...

Effects of Hydraulic Gradients on Pore Fluid Chemistry

Particle Mobilization in Sand-Clay Mixtures and Facilitation of Contaminant Removal - Critical Shear Stress Concept

Evaluation of Timber Bridges Using Stress Wave Technology

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Heavy Timber Structures

Inspection and Repair of a Timber Truss Bridge

Design for Underpinning the Central Artery

Investigation of the Collapse of the 300-foot Radio Telescope at Greenbank West Virginia

Decay of Residual Stress in Stochastic Fatigue

Properties of Lightweight Flowable Concrete Fill

The Northridge Fractures: Are We Learning the Right Lessons?
After the Northridge earthquake in January 1994, engineers found problems with special moment-resisting frames. There were multiple facture modes, and typical damage involved primary crack...

Dynamic Stability of Viscoelastic Plates Subjected to Ramdomly Varying In-Plane Loads

Residual Effects in Continuum Damage of Ceramics at Fatigue

Wind Simulation for Wind Effects on Low Structures

Damage Models for Masonry Structures

Dynamic Wave Propagation in Particulate Materials with Different Particle Shapes Using a Discrete Element Method

Laminated Composite and Sandwich Shell Analysis via Efficient Transverse Shear/Normal Deformation Shell Element





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