Dynamic Fatigue of High-Rise Natural Draught Cooling Towers

Small Inocula Can Effect In Situ Biodegradation
This is the first report of colonization of soil by small numbers of a genetically engineered microorganism. The study suggests that the addition of small inocula of D5 to contaminated...

Numerical Modeling of Water Flow over Porous Media
The momentum transport phenomena at the interface of porous media and fluid are numerically investigated. The single domain approach is used with matching boundary conditions; i.e., the...

Synchronized Measurements of Bed-Shear Stress and Flow Velocity in Open Channels with Simulated Vegetation
Synchronized measurements of shear stresses at the bed and velocities both within and above a simulated plant canopy in an open-channel flow are presented. Traditional (hot-film sensors)...

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Analytic Model for Coarse-Bed Channels
Contraction scour at bridges spanning coarse-bed channels is evaluated based on mass conservation of both water and transported sediment between a reference channel section near the crossing...

Implementation of Watershed Planning in Chester County Pennsylvania
The author presents portions of a study into the current watershed regulatory framework in Pennsylvania, and how effectively this framework supports watershed sustainability when faced...

Sediment Erosion Rate in the Baltimore Harbor
In-situ erosion experiments were conducted at four selected sites in the Baltimore harbor in May 1995 using the VIMS Sea Carousel. The measurements showed that the erosion rate decreased...

Centrifugal, Gravity and Side-wall Effects in Annular Shear Cells

Implicit Integration Procedures and Consistent Tangent Operators for Bounding Surface Plasticity Models

Mechanical Stress in Pediatric Heart Disease: Computational Modeling of Associated Defects in Subaortic Stenosis

Micromechanical Modelling for Granular Materials

MRI Studies of Direct Shear Tests on Round Particles

Evaluation of Microcrack Damage Growth and Healing of Asphalt Concrete Pavements Using Stress Wave Method

Distribution of Reynolds Stress above a Packed Bed in Open Channel Flow

A Model for Bed Surface Shear Stress Fluctuations

A Boolean Material Property Database

Modeling Stress-Strain Response of Clay Using Neural Nets

Statistical Model for Sand Compaction Under Cyclic Shear Strain

Average Stress-Strain Relationships of Rebars in RC Panels

Cement Among Grains





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