Neighborhood Traffic Management in Tucson, Arizona

Developing Successful Neighborhood Traffic Plans

Neighborhood Traffic Management City of Long Beach, California

Using Permit Parking to Reduce On-Street Parking and Crime

A Turnaround for Hangar Design
As the military's airplanes get larger and budgets get tighter, building hangars becomes more of a challenge. But by giving conventional rectangular hangar shapes a 90 degree...

Multi-National Information and Decision Support System for Building Materials, Systems and Components

Evaluation Protocol for Repair of Residences Damaged by Expansive Soils

Climate, Building Design, Energy Use and Comfort

Poisson Pulse Queueing Model for Residential Water Demands

Preparing for Repair (Available only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant, Sacramento, Calif., was built in 1924 and hadn't been upgraded since 1958. In 1996, the city of Sacramento, the owner of the plant,...

A Sleeping Giant: Has the Residential Construction Industry Surpassed Commercial Construction in Technology?

An Engineer's Perspective of the New Advances in Residential Steel Framing Technology

The NAHB Research Center's National Housing Quality Program

The Impact of the National Housing Quality Award Program and the Benchmark Conferences on the Homebuilding Industry

The Development of a Total Quality Management Program for a Homebuilding Firm

A Product Manufacture/Trade Contractor Quality Partnership: CertainTeed Corporation's Certified Contractor Program

Inspection/Quality Control Issues for Residential Energy Efficient Construction

Financing and Life Cycle Cost Issues Versus Quality in Residential Construction

Manufactured Homes Provide Affordable Housing

Builders' Perceptions towards the Use of Modular Building Technology





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