Creep Damage to Structures on Expansive Clay Slopes

Construction and Design of Light Structures in Peru

Assessment of Expansive Soils in the United States

Building on Expansive Soils in South Africa: 1973-1980

Application of a Graphics-Oriented Building Design System

In House Preprocessors for ICES STRUDL

Drainage Design in a Riverine Floodplain System

Tangshan Rebuilds after Mammoth Earthquake
The City of Tangshan, China was totally devastated in 1976 by a major earthquake. Over 240,000 people were killed in one of history's greatest disasters. The quake had a Richter...

Some Secrets to Building Structures on Expansive Soils
Each year, in the U.S. alone, shrinking or swelling soils inflict over $ 2.3 billion in damages to houses, buildings, roads, pipelines, and other structures. Despite this many engineers...

Drainage Design of the Tampa Palms Property

Aerial Photography in Fire Risk Assessment

The Coastal Land Development Process: Developer's Plights

Earthquake Behavior Of One-Story Masonry Houses

Forecasting Housing Requirements in a College Town
A simple housing projection model that employs the economic-base and gravity-interaction theories is presented, and the results are compared with those of a parallel study that incorporates...

Neighborhood Traffic Controls
The issues associated with traffic control in residential neighborhoods are examined. Reasons for the increase in activity in implementing neighborhood traffic control measures are presented....

Residential Site Planning and Perceived Densities
Spiraling inflation in urban land prices and the national needs to conserve energy and promote environmental quality will continue to pressure planners to make more intensive use of residential...

Managing Storm Runoff in Chicago Area
Existing combined sewers in the Chicago area discharge a mixture of storm-water runoff and sewage to the rivers approx 100 times/yr and on occasions overload the river system making it...

More Than Just Another Routine Job
Split-second scheduling, attention to community needs and esthetics — all figures into the design and construction of the Mission Road highway-railroad grade separation in central Los...

Largest Inverted Shell Houses Two Theaters
A meeting center in Albany, New York, has such a complex shape that it took months just to design its surface mathematically. Perched on a pedestal, it is nearly elliptical in plan. From...

Guidelines for Housing Construction in Mine Subsidence Areas





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