Subdivision Design Interacts with the Computer

The Corridor Concept as Applied to Pipelines in Major Metropolitan Areas

Community Planning Considerations in Cold Regions

Accommodation Design for Remote Settlements

A New U.S. Station for Antarctica

Energy Efficient Modular Dwellings for Cold Regions

Acoustics and Noise Control

Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Devices for Small Buildings

Seismic Performance of Lowrise Residential Buildings

Cracking and Construction Blasting
Studies of blast-induced cracking of residential structures have concluded that peak particle velocity is the best index of damage. These investigations are compared to show how differences...

Nucleated Urban Growth Effects on Transportation Energy Consumption
An aggregate digital computer simulation model was used to test the urban passenger transportation energy consumption associated with different patterns of nuclear growth in a hypothetical...

Dynamic Properties of Residential Structures Subjected to Blasting Vibrations
The responses of 23 single family residences to motions from surface mining blasts were analyzed with Fourier power spectral density and transfer functions to determine their dynamic response...

Medium Head Hydro Power House Concrete Volumes
The volume of concrete in a hydroelectric powerhouse varies by a large amount, depending mostly on the size of turbine, size of generator, and the foundation conditions. An analysis based...

Solar Energy for Heating Homes: How Practical—
There is a widespread belief that on-site solar energy for heating homes is still not a proven technology and that, in any event, it's much too expensive. The fact is that...

The Zero-Energy House: The Bold Low-Cost Breakthrough that may Revolutionize Housing
The world is in the early stages of a revolution in housing. About 200 houses have already been built in Canada that use under $125/yr for electric-resistance space heating — even where...

Political Action—Why Are Engineers Getting Involved—
Two engineering societies—National Society of Professional Engineers and American Consulting Engineers Council—in the past two years have established Political Action Committees. Their...

Miami Riot—Will a Phoenix Rise from Ashes—
In May, inner-city black residents of Miami, Florida, looted and burned about 300 buildings in their neighborhoods. The cause is detailed—their perception that the judicial system was...

Creep Damage to Structures on Expansive Clay Slopes

Construction and Design of Light Structures in Peru

Assessment of Expansive Soils in the United States





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