The Development of Lighthouse Structures

Structural Materials
This volume of Structural Materials contains papers from 12 sessions of the 7th Structures Congress held in San Francisco on May 1-5, 1989. The sessions cover a very broad range of topics...

Technical Issues Related to Emission Releases from Subslab Radon Mitigation Systems
Surveys of government and private sector radon mitigation activities indicate that subslab radon mitigation systems account for more than 50 percent of all installed systems. Such systems...

Pressure Differences Affecting Radon Entry in New Residential Construction
Various conditions in a house can commonly produce house negative pressures up to 20 Pascals relative to the soil gas pressure. Depressurization of the house relative to the soil gas will...

Glitches in Flitch Beam Design
Wiesenfeld proposes a set of design criteria for flitch beams. These beams, in which wood and steel sections are bolted together to act as a single structural unit, are currently covered...

Affordable Housing and the Civil Engineer

Possibilities for Affordable Housing Needs of the Developing Countries

Wilmington, N.C.'s Affordable Single Family Housing Policy

Small Scale Infill Housing on Difficult Sites

Lower Cost Structural Techniques for Housing

Integration of Architectural & Engineering Skills

Foundations of Affordable Houses

The Expandable House & Low Cost Housing

Using Expert Systems in Construction

Applying CAD Technology to Housing Design and Construction

Evaluating Building Energy Conservation Alternatives

Competitiveness of the US Housing Industry

The Carson House in Eureka, California

The Gamble House - Pasadena, California

Microcad: Pushing the Limits
Several engineering projects are covered which illustrate the increasingly complex design applications being accomplished with microcomputer based software. A dam, an apartment complex,...





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