Assessment of Building Damage Sustained During Hurricane Iniki (Comparison with Hurricane Iwa)

Relationship Between Residential Insurance Losses and Wind Conditions in Hurricane Andrew

Building Code Enforcement Issues, Hindsight and Foresight

Survivability of Manufactured Housing in Hurricanes

Evaluation of Design Wind Loads for Manufactured Homes and Needed Improvements

The Manufactured Home Dilemma

Some Lessons from Australian Experience

The Human Impact of Hurricane Iniki

Failure of Residential Building Envelopes as a Result of Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Florida

Statistically-Based Evaluation of Homes Damaged by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Improvements to Residential Construction on Kauai After Iniki

US Hurricanes of 1992 an Australian Perspective

Wind Tunnel Testing of High-Rise Residential Buildings in Hurricane Areas

Coastal and Oceanographic Impact of Hurricane Andrew

Hurricanes of 1992
Lessons Learned and Implications for the Future
In 1992, Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki devastated portions of Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii causing over $35 billion in damages and the loss of 38 lives. Hurricane Andrew, which accounted...

Argentina: Back in Business
Having achieved democracy and stabilized its economy, Argentina is working to improve its transport, telephone and power systems and to ease its housing shortage; the local construction...

Hanford Waste Vitrification Project Overview and Status
The Hanford Waste Vitrification Project (HWVP) is being constructed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Hanford Site in Richland, Washington. The paper gives an overview of the HWVP which...

Residential Water Conservation and Reuse Demonstration: Casa Del Agua and Desert House
Occupied single-family homes can provide factual data as well as create an active real-world setting for education of the public. The installation of water-efficient fixtures, rainwater...

A Process to Enhance the Flow of Engineering and Management Information at Ford Hood, Texas
This paper describes a study of the information requirements at the DEH (Directorate of Engineering and Housing) at Fort Hood, Texas which was undertaken by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers...

Noise from High Speed Maglev Transportation Systems
Noise levels from magnetically levitated trains (maglev) at very high speed may be high enough to cause severe environmental noise impact in residential areas, even without physical contact...





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