GIS Modeling of Neo-Traditional Neighborhood Development
Emerging strategies for land use development suggest that neo-traditional neighborhoods promote increased accessibility with reduced traffic congestion compared to current suburban developments....

Case History of a Collapsible Soil Fill
Collapse settlement of a deep compacted fill led to damage of a group of condominium units. The fill consisted of a highly heterogeneous mixture of coarse- to fine-grained soil containing...

Chicago's Waterfalls
The 1994 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award goes to successful implementation of an elegantly simple idea: aerate sluggish water by letting it fall through man-made waterfalls....

Beliefs about Hurricane Andrew, Construction, and Evacuation

Overview of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida

Overview of Hurricane Iniki

Assessment of Building Damage Sustained During Hurricane Iniki (Comparison with Hurricane Iwa)

Relationship Between Residential Insurance Losses and Wind Conditions in Hurricane Andrew

Building Code Enforcement Issues, Hindsight and Foresight

Survivability of Manufactured Housing in Hurricanes

Evaluation of Design Wind Loads for Manufactured Homes and Needed Improvements

The Manufactured Home Dilemma

Some Lessons from Australian Experience

The Human Impact of Hurricane Iniki

Failure of Residential Building Envelopes as a Result of Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Florida

Statistically-Based Evaluation of Homes Damaged by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Improvements to Residential Construction on Kauai After Iniki

Performance of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Roof Systems During Hurricane Andrew

US Hurricanes of 1992 an Australian Perspective

Wind Tunnel Testing of High-Rise Residential Buildings in Hurricane Areas





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