Validation of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for Tall Building Design

A Hybrid Prescriptive-/Performance-Based Approach to Automated Building Code Checking

Telepresence-Based Support for Concurrent Engineering in Construction

Environmental Impact Analysis and Fuzziness Aspects

Facility Operations Documents Using Intranets

Product Life-Cycle Assistant

A Jet Grout Stabilized Excavation Beneath an Existing Building

Micropile Application for Seismic Retrofit Preserves Historic Structure in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Precast Prestressed Slurry Wall for Pilot House Project

Design–Build Walls on Davison Freeway Save Millions

Structure Heave and Settlement Due to Pile Driving: A Case History

Building Response to Adjacent Excavation and Construction

Composite T-Panel Slurry Walls Adjacent to the Historic State Street Block

Laboratory Pipe Box Testing to Simulate Toe Drain Performance

Agricultural Drain Envelope Design and Laboratory Testing

Artificial Neural Networks for Civil Engineers
Advanced Features and Applications
Sponsored by the Committee on Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence of the Technical Council on Computer Practices of ASCE. This report illustrates...

Launched Bridges
Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and economic aspects of construction techniques for the launch of...

Coldhearted Building
A 20,000-ton district cooling plant owned by the Public Service Company of Colorado was recently built to sell chilled water to customers in downtown Denver who will use it to air-condition...

The Moseley Riveted Wrought Iron Arch: A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Phillips Winthrop House: Home of The Engineering Center and BSCES/ASCE





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