Simulation Requirements for Roof Wind Loads near the Corners of Low Buildings with Low-Slope Roofs

Development of a Novel Nail Plate Connection System for Ready-to-Assemble Wood Structures

Seismic Isolation of the First Federal Building in San Francisco

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specification for the Oklahoma City Myriad

Evaluating UT as a Tool for Reliability Assessment

The SAC Database: Understanding and Using Steel Frame Test Results

Bomb Blast Damage to a Concrete-Framed Office Building: Ceylinco House, Columbo, Sri Lanka

The Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS) Probabilistic Model Code for New and Existing Structures

Wind Damage Investigation of Low-Rise Buildings

Multi-Criteria Conceptual Design Using Adaptive Computing

The Rouge Project: Building Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks Necessary for Watershed Approaches to Wet Weather Pollution Management

Using Wind Design Criteria to Gauge Seismic Performance

Design Issues for Temporary Containment Structures in the Ship Building and Repair Industries

The Equivalent Shore Method

Update on Seismic Performance of Steel Frame Connections

Composite Structural System for an 88-Story Tower

Daewoo Business Center, Shanghai, China

Combining Earthquake and Other Loads in Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

Earthquake Response Analysis of Steel Building Frames Considering Brittle Fractures at Member-Ends

Nonlinear Analysis of Buildings with Partially-Restrained Composite (PRC) Connections





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