Basis of License Plate Recognition and a New Approach

A Method of Modeling Time-Dependent Rock Damage Surrounding Underground Excavations in Multiphase Groundwater Flow

Long-Term Memory in Hydrologic Series?

Multivariable Marima Modeling of Water Resources Time Series: Applications to River Nile Ten-Day Dishcarges

Forecasting Drought Risks for a Water Supply Storage System Using Bootstrap Position Analysis

Conjunctive Use of Geophysical or Tracer Data with Hydrogeological Testing for Enhanced Site Characterization

Contaminant Mean Arrival Times at Pumping Wells in Heterogeneous Formations

Contribution of Secondary Data and Piezometric Measurements to the Probabilistic Assessment of Radionuclides Migration

Significance of Sampling Volume for Solute Flux in Aquifers

Methodologies for the Analytic Definition of Uniform Travelling Time-Shifts of an Urban Public Transportation Service

Evaluation of a Real-Time Expert System for Surface Street Traffic Management and Control

A Decision Support System for Dynamic Pre-Trip Route Planning

Trip Mode Recommendation Using Travel Time Prediction

The Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Advanced Traveler Information and Traffic Management Systems

Field Trial Results of VMS Travel Time Display on the Corridor Peripherique of Paris

Design of a Freeway Control System Based on Artificial Intelligence Methods for Travel Time Detection

A Log-Linear Model for Path Flow Estimation

On the Origin of Infragravity Waves in the Surf Zone of a Dissipative Multiple Bar System

Time Series Analysis of Long-Term Beach Level Data from Lincolnshire, UK

Reliability Analysis in the Rehabilitation of Corps Structures with Time-Dependent Needs





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