Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning Software User's Guide

Probabilistic Analysis of Long-Term Aquifer Recharge
Long-term time series of aquifer recharge and other aquifer fluxes (aquifer discharge, groundwater extraction) are essential to monitor and understand aquifer processes. This paper presents...

Modeling Residence Times: Eulerian versus Lagrangian

Conditional Priority at Controlled Intersections to Improve Public Transport Punctuality
The market share of public transport depends highly on the travel time ratio to private transport. The public transport travel time includes among other elements waiting times at stops...

New York City's Socioeconomic Characteristics, Land Use and Travel Patterns
The dense land use of New York City is the defining characteristic of travel in New York City. The large number of people who live and work in a relatively small landmass reduces the need...

Forecasting Trans-Pacific Air Traffic by Grey Model

Reinforced Concrete Building Prediction Analyses

Time-Dependent Effects in Prestressed Concrete Composite Bridge Members

AVI and WIM Technologies for Section Probe Data

A New Algorithm for Vehicle Reidentification and Travel Time Measurement on Freeways

Loop-Based Travel Time Measurement

Travel Time Prediction with Non-Linear Time Series

Model Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems: The AZTech Experience

A Data Model for Managing GPS Travel Time Data

On the Radiation Boundary Conditions for Time-Dependent Parabolic Wave Calculations

A Simple PC Based Significant-Wave Model

Analysis of Infragravity Wave-Driven Sediment Transport on Macrotidal Beaches

Assessing Intercity Commuting Patterns in the Willamette Valley Using the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP)

Municipal Land-Use/Transportation Planning with a Genetic Algorithm

GIS-Based Processing of NEXRAD Rainfall Estimates





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