Design of a Major Dry Bulk Facility at the Port of Los Angeles

New U.S. Navy Fuel Pier at Puget Sound

Steel Plate Energy Dissipators for a 5-Story Frame

Energy Dissipation in Rigid-Block Structures Under Dynamic Excitation

Control and Treatment of Coal Pile Stormwater Runoff at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Using Probabilistic Temperature Forecasts to Support Operation of TVA's Power System, The First Year's Experience

Protecting Groundwater from Leaking Underground Tanks - An Innovative Approach

Some Problems of Electroelastic Fracture

Energy Cascade in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Turbulent Shear Flow

The Energetics of Ice Pile-Up: Physical Experiments

Environmental Contours and Extreme Response of Deep-Water Floating Structures

On the Time Domain Analysis of Viscoelastic Models with Complex Coefficients

Turbulence Measurements in Low Froude Number Hydraulic Jumps

Bioremediation Comes of Age
Only five years ago engineers and scientists met with EPA officials to weigh the merits of bioremediation as a hazwaste cleanup tool. Now bioremediation has become an accepted effective...

Deformation of Underground Deep Cavities in Rock Salts at Their Long-Term Operations

Projections for Spent Nuclear Fuel Accumulations in Dry Storage at Reactor Sites for A Range of Operating Scenarios

Impacts of the Use of Spent Nuclear Fuel Burnup Credit on DOE Advanced Technology Legal Weight Truck Cask GA-4 Fleet Size

The Development of a Private, Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility

Dry Fuel Storage Cask Shielding Benchmarks

Bounding Potential Diesel Exhaust Impacts Produced From North Ramp Construction





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