Direct Sizing of Small Stormwater Pump Stations
Pump stations are components of stormwater drainage systems that remove collected storm runoff from locations where drainage by gravity is not feasible. Usually pump stations will operate...

Adhesion Kinetics of Fuel Oil #6 and Oil-in-Water Emulsions on Marine Sediments under Turbulent Mixing Conditions
Oil spilled in the marine environment is subject to a great variety of physical, chemical and biological processes, which determine its ultimate fate in the aquatic environment. Many of...

Basic Concepts and Applications of Structural Control

Reduction of Structural Response by Energy Dissipation Devices Modelled on Shape Memory Materials

Random Responses of Discretized Structures with Energy Dissipation Devices

Energy Dissipation in Concrete Materials Due to Viscoelastic and Damage Mechanisms

Dissipated Energy as a Function of Material Microstructure

Energy Dissipation in Dynamic Failure Simulations

Crossing the Cape Cod Canal; A Natural Gas Pipeline Interconnection

Environmental Permitting for the Canal Electric Project

Development of Caltrans Guidelines for Natural Gas Pipelines on Highway Bridges

Coal Pipelines Crossing Railroads: Legal Issues

Ultimate Transverse Strength and Reliability Analysis of Offshore Production Ships

Design Decision Making for Infrastructures under the Restriction of the Energy Consumption

Reliability Based Design for Oil Country Tubular Goods

Application of a Reliability-Based Fatigue Life Model to a Gas Turbine Engine Structure

Decision Support
A number of factors have combined to make a computer-based decision support system (DSS) for power system operations attractive to Great Lakes Power Limited (GLP), a private utility that...

Spray Freezing to Treat Oil Sands Tailings Pond Water

Interference by Natural Organics in Diesel Analyses

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Removal via Volatilization and Biodegradation at McGrath, Alaska





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