True Cost of Cycling Enhances the Value of Dispatchable Hydro

Six Years of Monitoring the Effectiveness of a Barrier Net at the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant on Lake Michigan

Water Management for Hydroelectric Power Generation at Matera and Kidatu in Tanzania

Dinorwig Power Station—The Successful Solution to Cavitation Problems at Dinorwig Power Plant with the aid of the Polymeric Coatings

Complete Operational Simulation of Pumped Storage Schemes

An Application of the Fourier Series in the Analysis of Waterhammer in pumped Storage Plant

A Cooperative Clay Blanket Seepage Reduction

Energy for a Clean Future

Friction-Based Energy Dissipation Unit for Circuit Breaker

Seismic Reliability Assessment of Electric Power Systems

Power Systems After the Northridge Earthquake: Emergency Operations and Changes in Seismic Equipment Specifications, Practice, and System Configuration

Policy and General Technical Issues Related to Mitigating Seismic Seismic Effects on Electric Power and Communication Systems

Flow Resistance and Energy Dissipation in Skimming Flow Over Stepped Spillways

Spillway Model Study for Comite River Diversion Project Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Supercritical Baffle Blocks

Irrigation Pumping Plant Energy Use and Potential Savings

Northridge Earthquake
Lifeline Performance and Post-Earthquake Response
This monograph describes the earthquake performance, emergency response, and recovery for the following lifeline systems: electric power, water, wastewater communications, roads and bridges,...

A New Airlock Approach for Human Exploration
Conceptual design work on the First Lunar Outpost (FLO) mission led to the development of an airlock concept called the `doorlock' which appears quite promising for all aspects of manned...

Late Stage Damage in G30-500/PMR-15 Laminates
Damage progression has been studied experimentally under tension using [02/906]s...

Roles of the Lunar-Solar Power System In Development of the Resources of Greater Earth for Mankind
The proposed Lunar-Solar Power (LSP) System collects solar power on the moon. The power is converted to beams of microwaves and transmitted to fields of microwave receivers on Earth that...





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