Spectral Modeling of Nonlinear Wave Shoaling and Breaking over Arbitrary Depths

Wave Transmission and Set-Up at Detached Breakwaters

Quantifying Countywide Benefits and Impacts of TSM Projects

Ineffective Overbank Flow in One-Dimensional Models

Effects on Wave Transformation at a Tidal Inlet

Energy Dissipation of Low-Crested Breakwaters

Periodic Processes in Vapor Phase Biofiltration

Taste and Odor Control in Drinking Water with Potassium Permanganate

A Simple Model for Gasoline Bioremediation in Soil

Correcting Spillway Design Deficiencies

Energy Losses on a Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillway

Reference Evapotranspiration by Using the Residual Energy Balance Method

Modeling to Assess Remedial Options

Modeling LNAPL Recovery Technologies and GIS-Based Analysis

Permeable Reactive Wall Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Groundwater: NAS Moffett Field, Mountain View, California

Energy Loss in Long Rod Penetration Testing: Terminus Dam Liquefaction Investigation

Putting Wetlands to Work
Wetlands, whether natural or engineered, have enormous potential to clean up wastewater, but in the past, the public called on civil engineers to drain wetlands en masse as a public benefit....

Fluid Mechanics
An Interactive Text
This multimedia CD ROM, Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text, brings to life every topic and phenomenon associated with the study of fluid...

Electric Power Systems
This section discusses major components and subsystems of electric power systems. Also present is a guide for performing a post-earthquake investigation of electric power facilities, including...

Natural Gas Systems
This section provides an overview of natural gas systems, including their major components and subsystems. Also present is a guide for a post-earthquake investigation of gas systems....





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