Water Quality Modeling and Biological Impact Assessment in Support of NPDES Permitting

Water Quality Management of Ammonia Under Uncertainty

A Modeling Strategy for a National Assessment of Water Quality-Based Combined Sewer Overflow Controls

Impacts of NPS Pollution Control on Water and Sediment Quality Within Salem Sound, Massachusetts

Decision Quality in Water Management

First Steps in Aqueduct Leak Risk Assessment

Flood Warning System Product Usage Patterns

Development of Dynamic Groundwater Remediation Strategies for Variable Aquifer Configurations

Optimal Dynamic Groundwater Remediation with Heuristic Pumping Constraints

Comparison of Continuous- and Discrete-time Optimal Control Applied to Groundwater Remediation Design

Use of numerical Sparsity in a Groundwater Quality Management Model

Reliability Under Uncertainty of Optimal Hydraulic Control Solutions

Comparison of Different Optimization Techniques for the Solution of a Groundwater Quality Management Problem

Robust Optimization for Groundwater Quality Management Under Uncertainty

Monitoring of DEC Grade Control Structures

Channel Stabilization Methods In the Demonstration Erosion Control Project

Channel Stabilization Using Box Culvert Grade Control Structures

Sediment Yield Reduction Study--Hotophia Creek Watershed

Water Quality Management in Mexico: Actual and Future Policies

Active and Hybrid Structural Response Control of Building Structure





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