Effect of Uncertainty on an Active Mass Damper System

Control of Mega-Sub Building Against Wind Loads

On the Almost-Surely Lyapunov Exponent of a Duffing-van der Pol Delay Oscillator

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs

A New, Low-Cost Ice Control Structure. Part 1: Concept Development

A New, Low-Cost Ice Control Structure. Part 2: Construction and Performance

Seismic Analysis and Model Studies of Bridge Abutments

A User's Experience in Design and Field Quality Control With the Superpave System

Evaluation of the Troxler Model 4430 Water-Cement Gauge
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine...

Analysis and Computation
Proceedings papers presented at the ASCE Twelfth Analysis and Computation Conference comprise this volume. Conference sessions covered such topics as: 1) Emerging computing technology;...

Hawaii's Interbase Interstate
Connecting two major military installations, Hawaii's third Interstate highway (H-3) is the largest ($1 billion) HDOT project to date as well as the longest in time (planning...

Water Quality Trends from Stormwater Controls

Practical Experience with Filippi Flow Limiters

Hazardous Waste Landfill Performance as Measured by Primary Leachate Quantity

Tools for the Structrual Engineers Practice

Connection Responsibility From Concept to In-Place Acceptance

Measurement of Bond Performance; Correlation of Pull-Out Strength with Transfer Length

Vulnerability Zone Identification: A Watershed Management Tool for Protecting Reservoir Water Quality

Water Quality Protection Measures Related to Roadway Construction in a Water Supply Watershed

Uncertainty Analysis in Non-Point Source Water Quality Management Decisions





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