Local Supervisory and Control Algorithms for a Laboratory Slide Gate

Reliability Analysis for Water Quality Management in the Han River

Assessment of the Coastal Water Quality in the Southern Adriatic Sea

Remote Sensing Investigations and Modelling of Wastewater Plumes

Managing Water Quality in the Tidal Ouse (UK), Problems Associated with Suspended Sediment Oxygen Demand

Influence of a Sheet Erosion Control System on Sediment Quality in an Arid Catchment

Cylindrical Barrel Seaweed for Control of Sediment Transport Under Waves

Abrasion/Erosion in Stilling Basins

Reservoir Sediment Management Related to Sediment Quality and Contamination

Real Time Control of River Water Quality for Hydroelectric Operation

Prediction of Debris Flow Hydrographs Passing Through Grid Type Control Structures

Structures of Debris Flow Countermeasures

Channelized Debris Flow Mitigative Structures in British Columbia, Canada

Response of Flexible Wire Rope Barriers to Debris-Flow Loading

The Necessity of an Ecological Foundation for Mudflow Defence Measures in the Highlands of the Central Caucasus

Ground Water
Protection Alternatives and Strategies in the U.S.A.
Prepared by the Task Committee on Ground Water Protection of the Water Resources Engineering Division of ASCE. This report presents general hydrogeologic...

The Future of the Electrical Contracting Industry

Integrated Labor Cost Control Systems

Wafer Fab General Arrangement and Environmental Control System Concepts

A Portable Data Collection System for Safety and Quality Assurance





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