Standard for Testing of Ground-Water Modeling Codes

A Neural Network-Based Traffic Control System for Isolated Intersections

Passive Control Systems for Mitigation of Near-Field Earthquake Ground Motions

Gain-Scheduled Adaptive Control of a Hybrid Structure

The Integrated Flood Control System of the Great Miami Valley

A Sure Ride
Are current quality assurance practices resulting in the degree of highway quality that is desired and expected? The resounding no that often answers this question has brought the concern...

Neural Network for Identification and Control of Civil Engineering Structures

Controlling Brine to Improve Reclaimed Water Quality

Urban Wet Weather Flow Management: Research Directions

Best Management Practices Used in the Houston Area

Retrofitting Stormwater Quality Improvement BMPs in an Urbanized Environment: Redhouse Run Case Study, Baltimore County, MD

Streambank Restoration Design with Vinyl Sheet Pile Grade Control Structures

Computational Issues Associated with Optimal Design of In Situ Bioremediation

Optimal Automatic On-Demand Canal Control System Design

GIS-Based NPS Water Quality Control of Lakes

Lake Water Quality Management Based on Seasonal Thermal Stratifications in Lake Moomaw, VA

Special Inspection, Structural Observation and Structural Peer Review in California

Internet-Based Monitoring of Remote Instrumented Structures: Java Applets Etc.

Benchmark Problems in Structural Control Part I: Active Mass Driver System

Synthesis of Controllers for the Active Mass Driver System in the Presence of Uncertainty





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